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Here you will find associations, their self-image / mission statement and where you can find more information about sex work

As sex workers, we earn our living with erotic and sexual services. We are call girls * boys, escorts, dominatrixes, tantra masseurs, sexual assistants, whores, prostitutes, bizarre ladies ... We want our work to be recognized in society as a valuable and important part of care work, that more in the future Women use our services so that we can proudly say, "I am a sex worker" when we are asked about our job in small talk ...

Association for the promotion of vocational and cultural education for sex workers
Madonna eV was founded in 1991 as a self-help initiative by sex workers, former sex workers and women from other professions. In the tradition of the whore movement, Madonna eV advocates the interests of sex workers.

Sex work is work. A service chosen at free will where a mutual agreement is reached. It has nothing to do with human trafficking. But: Work can also be fun. Many people find that in sex work as a job. It's a work that many people seek out. Additionally, it is an important way for many trans * feminine persons to earn money.

We advocate that sex workers are respected and respected as people like everyone else. To do this, it is necessary to end their social stigmatization, which is responsible for violence against sex workers *, for their discrimination, tutelage, marginalization and unfair treatment. The stigma, in turn, is massively reinforced by criminalization, special laws, and discourses and attitudes that generally declare sex workers to be victims. Therefore, these measures and attitudes must be criticized and combated.

Our mission statement arises from our self-image, to be active with the whore movement and in the interests of sex workers and to be able to help shape and change society and politics. We would like to present our demands on a national and international level and promote solidarity networking, because:
Sex workers deserve respect and recognition of their human rights!

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