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SEX-WORKERS - The normal life


The external appearance

This is what the book will look like. The outer skin will be in purple velvet to make the exterior feel soft. A slipcase protects the velvet. This is not shown.

!! ACHTUNG!! Mein Verlag ist in einem Insolvenzverfahren! Daher kann das Buch zur Zeit ausschließlich auf dieser Website bestellt werden!!

Printing the content

The movie gives a small impression of the printing process at my printing partner MUNDSCHENK . A total of 18 sheets were produced in perfecting. The whole thing in Hexachrome with a lot of printing powder to make the feel of the interior rough.

Bundling to the finished book

This film illustrates how the printed sheets become a book block, which is then sewn together to form the overall impression. Only the slipcase and the shrink-wrapping cannot be seen. Always a pleasure!

The author

Tim Oehler is a photographer and always has his camera within reach. Whether traveling or in everyday life. Other topics of his work besides portraits are documentaries and street and landscape photography. His website gives an impression of this work. He and his wife have owned an advertising agency for twenty-one years. He is the happy father of two children.

Book order subject to payment
You can order here by email. A book costs € 69 plus shipping costs (€ 7.49 package with DHL).

Many Thanks! You will soon receive a book.

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